Fooditality Team is availabe for full-day or single session training on following topics:


  • Social Media: how to properly manage social media channels and maximes interaction with your customers
  • Brand Management: how to best communicate your brand and improve your storytelling
  • Business Development: what channels you can exploit and how you can develop your business to increase your turnover


training can be organized as follows:


  • 1 to 1: sinlge training session for one or more topics
  • training session during conference or event
  • full-day training session


Example of a course with 2 modules of 4 hours each (total: 8 hours):

  • Strategy: Activity start-up, strategic positioning, competitors analysis, market analysis, brand strategy, visual identity definition (logo, naming, colours, etc.)
  • Web Site and Internet Marketing: guidelines to build performant website and how to stimulare customer to find and visit it
  • Social Media: Social Media profile opening, strategy to increase number of followers, content and photos creation, booking increase through social network, viral content creation, interaction within online community
  • Business Development: lead & prospect generation, approach to companies and offices, how to obatin a stable number of customers for lunch and dinner.


Training activity treating these topics divided by 2 modules of 4 hours each does have a cost of 500 €.


for further information please write at and follow our social media channels